Dispute-Resolution / Self-Advocacy

If a sales person swindled you into signing a contract for a timeshare or a vacation club, you only have three options:

Option 1:

You can continuing paying fees for a product or service that you never intended to buy, or

Option 2:

You can hire a team of professional advocates and a law firm to assist you in resolving your dispute, or

Option 3:

You can advocate for yourself and work toward resolving your dispute to free you from the financial burden.

Which is the right course of action for you?


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Our Basic Program will provide you with full access to our website. You'll get videos that explain the best-practice approach to self-advocacy, along with access to resources and templates you can use to begin working toward resolving your dispute.

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Complete basic package, including the full website access and all of the tools and templates you can use to work toward resolving your dispute.

The Executive Program is for those who need further assistance. Get direct, ongoing, one-on-one phone consultations.

Our trained team members will assist, guide, and answer your questions about self-advocacy. They will assist efforts you're making to resolve your dispute with a timeshare developer or vacation club.

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