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My name is (Insert your name) and I am the responsible party. I understand that: 

  1. _____ my credit card statement will reflect a charge for my tax-deductible contribution to the Straight-A Guide Foundation, an IRS-approved nonprofit. The IRS Tax ID Number is 27-1904346, with registration on the California Secretary of State Website.
  2. _____ the charge on my credit for my tax-deductible contribution to the Straight-A Guide Foundation will show up as: SELF-HELP ADVOCACY. 
  3. _____ my tax-deductible contribution to the Straight-A Guide Foundation entitles me to a self-advocacy course and workshop that will be delivered to me through the website If I do not have access to the Internet. I will also have access to an advocate who will be available to answer questions and guide me through my dispute.
  4. _____ no one at the Straight-A Guide Foundation has represented that the self-advocacy program is a “debt-relief” product or service of any kind. Rather, it is a self-advocacy course designed to help me resolve my dispute with a timeshare developer
  5. _____ although more than 700 people that have worked with either Timeshare Compliance or its related companies have used these techniques to resolve disputes with timeshare developers, the Straight-A Guide Foundation’s self-advocacy program requires me to advocate for myself because attorneys will not be provided to work on my case. 
  6. _____ some people have resolved cases in less than three months, other participants in our program continue working to resolve their disputes after 12 months. The Straight-A Guide Foundation cannot guarantee how long it will take to resolve a dispute with a timeshare developer. 
  7. _____ although the Straight-A Guide Foundation may provide financing for the self-advocacy course, I will honor my payment obligations in accordance with the plan I chose.


Signature / Date: ________________________  Signature / Date: ________________________

Responsible Party                                                  Authorized Straight-A Guide Representative

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