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Learn techniques to resolve disputes with  timeshare developers and vacation clubs

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What option do timeshare owners have?

There are only three options available for people that signed a contract with a vacation club property or timeshare developer.

Status Quo

You can choose to keep paying for a timeshare or vacation club that you don't want or need.

Hire Attorney

You can hire an attorney or a professional group to advocate on your behalf.


You can get the same templates that professional advocates use to resolve disputes.

Get Started

If you're tired of paying high maintenance fees and other fees for a timeshare that you do not want or need, learn your options. When timeshare sales people mislead consumers, the consumer has rights. Learn the process that led hundreds of former owners to resolve disputes with timeshare developers.

Get Techniques to Win

Persistency is the key to resolving your timeshare dispute. Get started on self-advocacy now with our course to help you. Sample letters are available for you to resolve your dispute with your timeshare developer. Learn how to use consumer-protection laws and the media to help you get the result you want.

Basic Program

Full website access, with tools and templates you can use to resolve your dispute.

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Executive Program

Complete basic package, including website access with tools and templates you can use to resolve your dispute.

The Executive Program is for those who need further assistance. Get direct, ongoing, one-on-one phone consultations. 

Our trained team members will assist, guide and answer your questions about self-advocacy, assisting with efforts to resolve your timeshare dispute.

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Learn Process

First get the background. Learn strategies to resolve disputes with timeshare developers and self-advocacy techniques to help you.

Consumer Protections

Learn more about consumer protection laws. If fraudulent misrepresentations deceived you, get relief.

Sample Letters

Get sample letters to start your campaign. Learn to advocate for yourself and resolve your dispute with the timeshare developer.

Thanks for Our Sponsors

We're grateful to the generous sponsorship from the entire team at Timeshare Compliance. They've shared their intellectual property, making our self-advocacy programs possible.


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